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20 May 2012 @ 07:45 pm
Round 4 Rules & Instructions  
Welcome to Round 4 of the Ryan & Esposito ficathon!

Winner – Season 4 DVD (when released).

Second place – Live Journal gift tokens.
Third place – 2 month paid account on Live Journal.

1) The story must be written specifically for this competition but may be posted elsewhere (as long as it is submitted here first).
2) You must have signed up - you can do this at any point prior to submitting your entry.
3) Any rating is allowed.
4) Must be more than 3000 words. Multiple chapters are encouraged.
5) Other ships and characters are encouraged, but the development of Ryan & Esposito's relationship must be one of the main focuses. A Castle/Beckett fiction with Ryan/ Esposito as the secondary thread of the story would be allowed.
6) Story must show the development of Ryan & Esposito’s romantic relationship.
7) You may submit as many stories as you like.
8) Everything else is up to you!

Submitting An Entry:
This entry talks you through how to submit your entry to the competition after having written your story.

1) Make a new entry and fill in the following form:

<B>Author: </B>
<B>Characters/pairings: </B>
<B>Summary: </B>
<B>Word Count:</B>
<B>Author's Note:</B>

2) Post your story and submit.
3) Tag your entry with the appropriate tags.
4) Pimp this ficathon out to your friends (optional).

This is for fun, so if you get anything wrong it doesn't matter! I will probably be adding some author tags when you have posted anyway.

If you have multiple chapters in your story, please feel free to post them in separate entries.

Still no idea what to write? Check out the Ideas & Suggestions Entry. If you have any ideas for a story, please share them on this thread.

If you need a beta or would like to volunteer as a beta, please check out the beta sign ups!

Your story must be completed and posted to this community by July 1st 2012 11:59PM GMT +0

Voting will take place during the first week of July and the winners announced shortly after.

There we go! Let me know if I have forgotten anything!